Badbeats are a part and parcel of poker. We understand the pain and agony of the player so We're here to make poker fun for even the bad parts. Here's a promotion that will take a bit of the 'bad' away from the badbeat.

This bonanza would be paid out to those losing with a hand of Full house or better on any of our real money No-Limit hold’em tables.

The Criteria for Pot Limit Omaha Bad Beat Bonanza is Four of a kind Jacks or better.

Here’s how the Bad Beat Bonanza is seeded from tables at various stakes:- 

Gold INR 0.25 per INR 10 in the pot (capped at INR 2)(3/6 ,5/10 & 10/20 Blind)
Diamond INR 1.2 per INR 100 in the pot (capped at INR 9)(25/50, 50/100 Blind)
Platinum -INR 2 per INR 100 in the pot (capped at INR 15)(100/200 & 250/500 Blind)


Bad Beat Bonanza Payout
Here’s how you’ll get paid for losing from a bad beat:

Bad Beat Hand: 50%
Winner Hand: 10%
Rest of the Players: 10%
House Revenue:
New Bonanza Reserve: 20%

The BBB payout amount will be the lower of the BBB Reserve or the amount betted by the player with bad beat.

NOTE: The Bad Beat Bonanza is applicable only on the BBB Tables (marked with a Fire Symbol in the lobby). A minimum of four active players must be dealt cards on the table for the Bonanza to be released. Players need to use both cards dealt to them.

The decision regarding the above offer given by Chipbazar will be final.
Taxes and/or  TDS as applicable will be borne by the player and Chipbazar shall not be held liable for the same.

The PPP once used shall be deducted from the player’s PPP account.

Player can only avail either the offer or cashback and once availed, the availed offer cannot be changed by the player.

Terms & Conditions

  • A week starts on Monday 5:30 AM IST & ends on Monday 5:29 IST.
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  • The Company reserves the right to end any promotional offer at any time, without providing notice, reason or justification.
  • People aged 18 years and above can take part in the promotion where it is legally permitted.
  • Players will only earn Reward points Only from Poker Cash Games. Reward Points will not be rewarded for Tournaments, Sit N Go, etc.
  • All winners of gifts must provide their images, video, and interview for media bites and shall remain the property of Timepass Networks Pvt Ltd as requested by the company.
  • All items given as gifts/ Real Chips will be liable to taxes and duties that must be borne by users.
  • All prizes will be distributed to the players within 15 days after the promotion.
  • Any user      found colluding or involved in any other sort of fraudulent activities, will not be liable to receive any prizes.
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