Sportsden is committed to Promoting FAIR PLAY on the website. Our Compliance Team will track game play of all players and strict action will be taken against any player(s) caught indulging in Chip Dumping and/or collusion. By Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the site, you agree not to indulge in any unfair game practice that might provide undue advantage to you or any other player.

Sportsden reserves the right to withhold any necessary action, as it deems fit, against players found indulging in unfair means. The action could range from monetary penalties, temporary account suspension, redemption blocking to permanent account deactivation.

Depositing and withdrawing without playing any or a reasonable amount of games is a violation of our fair play deposit and withdrawal policy. Consecutive deposits and withdrawals are considered as money laundering actions, which is not permitted on Sportsden. Any user found committing such an action is in violation of our fair play deposit and withdrawal policy and further to investigation is subject to a penalty fee. Any user deemed to be a fraud user for any reason, for example, found depositing or withdrawing from/to a fraudulent account, is subject to legal action from Sportsden management including but not limited to the confiscation of the user's balance and locking of the user's account.

Users are also prohibited from opening multiple accounts on the site. Sportsden reserves the right to block/deactivate any account(s) suspected of being a duplicate account.

Players caught dumping chips between accounts will be levied a minimum penalty of 40% of the Chip dumped. Chip dumping is a violation of the Indian Income Tax regulations and Sportsden reserves the right to block permanently any account caught for repeated chip dumping violations.